ZAX240-3 4428333 RADIATOR

The heavy duty radiator is designed as OEM replacement for Hitachi ZAX180-3 Hydraulic Excavators,and it is also used for ZAX250-3,ZAX260-3,ZAX270-3

Product Details

The heavy duty radiator is designed as an exact fit, OEM replacement for Hitachi ZAX240-3 Hydraulic excavator,it is also used for ZAX250-3,ZAX260-3 ZAX270-3


Core size: 1050(height)*335(width)*72(thickness) mm

Inlet: 50mm

Outlet: 50mm

Pressure: 0.15MPa

Construction Material: Aluminum

P/N: 4428333

PACK: wooden box

MOQ: 1pc

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