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Construction machinery radiator operation points for attention

Dec 17, 2016

Construction machinery radiator when in operation, we need to pay attention to what details?

1, ensure that the voltage and the voltage line under the heat sink.

2, attention: do not use objects covering the radiator air intake or air outlet, so as not to cause damage to the radiator.

3, construction machinery radiator do not close to the human body for a long time.

4, not piling up inflammable and explosive materials around the product product not in use on flammable materials such as carpets, plastic mats.

5 dust or moisture should be avoided, use of the product environment will affect the service life of the product.

6, if the product fails, please do not arbitrarily demolition; be sure to get professional electrician to inspect and repair.

7, do not let children play products, so as to avoid damage.