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Construction machinery radiator repair

Dec 17, 2016

Many people on construction machinery radiator repair lost, what we need to do? Below we show you know something about.

1) mounted on the body of construction machinery radiator cracked or welding, working the oil into the coolant in; not working coolant leaking into the oil, causing engine oil level rises. At this point, the coolant in the oil floating in the liquid adding, if there is oil in the coolant, coolant in the oil, initially identified as radiator failure.

2) remove the radiator cover, radiator remove engine oil in the water, blocked at one end, access to compressed air, see where bubbles, find welding, crack, after welding, and Walter 0.25~0.4MPa of the compressed air, check for repair. If it cannot be repaired, you should replace the radiator.

All what you need to know, please call us, find the answers you want.