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High-speed trains with radiator cleaner

Dec 17, 2016

High-speed train with thermal device of internal structure is compared special of, it is by some unit body constitute, through observation unit body on will found, wing tablets is located in adjacent two clapboard Zhijian, while in wing tablets of sides installation has also height of seals, these wing tablets and seals on composition has a group channel, fluid in channel in through, will train run in the produced of heat fast of distributed out, this structure of high-speed train with radiator also was called Board wing type thermal device.

Because trains travelling very fast, at the same time it produces more heat than other equipment, high speed motor car radiators for heat dissipation of this structure is the effective guarantee.

Iron lattice radiator dirty you can use a nylon brush and soapy water and gently scrub away. After cleaning your iron, piped water, wash gently. With a clean MOP or cloth around the tank and cleaning the bottom of bottom fouling serious, use a soft towel and detergent scrubbing. Heatsink material is mainly made of aluminium or copper metal material, no corrosion, so pay attention to avoid corrosion of acid and alkali solution