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Introduction to radiators and work principle

Dec 17, 2016

Some devices work will produce a lot of heat, and these extra calories not be dispersed quickly and accumulated temperature, are likely to destroy the working equipment, radiators will effectively solve the problem. Heat sink is attached to the heating element on a layer of good heat conducting medium, playing as if the middleman role, sometimes on the basis of conducting medium will be added to the fan and things to speed cooling. But sometimes the radiators also played gangster roles, such as the radiator was forced out of the freezer heat, to reach a temperature lower than the room temperature.

Radiator works by heat from the heating element to the heat sink and then to the air and other substances, thermodynamics of heat through heat transfer for delivery. Heat transfer methods of heat conduction, convection and radiation, such as when material and physical contact, as long as the temperature difference, heat transfer will occur until the same temperature everywhere. Radiator is the use of it, such as the use of good thermal conductivity material, thin and large fin-shaped structures increases heating area of contact with the heatsink to the air and other substances and the heat transfer rate.