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Manufacturers to introduce water cooled oil cooler cleaning method

Dec 17, 2016

Water cooled oil cooler is a liquid and liquid Exchange so as to keep the equipment cool devices. Coolant is water, usually the heat exchanger inside oil pipes, water side. Heat transfer performance of water and oil are good, so usually taken against heat.

Oil filter structure features of its relatively large pressure gap front and rear ends, what kind of structure is likely to cause oil filter filter deformation, deformation inside the tank will move impurities, so if a user for a long time put out the lubricant in the tank you will find at the end is clay. How to clean it?

First, use a clean cloth to clean impurities can be seen, and then using the new lubricant for preliminary cleaning of the tank; second is cleaning up minor impurities, method is scrolling sticky impurities with the dough back and forth in the fuel tank, then washed again with new lubricating oil.

After the full completion of the cleaning tank cap tightened, water cooled oil cooler again come on when oil pressure back to normal after overall check without exception can be used after.

Iron lattice radiator dirty you can use a nylon brush and soapy water and gently scrub away. After cleaning your iron, piped water, wash gently. With a clean MOP or cloth around the tank and cleaning the bottom of bottom fouling serious, use a soft towel and detergent scrubbing. Heatsink material is mainly made of aluminium or copper metal material, no corrosion, so pay attention to avoid corrosion of acid and alkali solution.