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Radiator cleaning methods and procedures

Dec 17, 2016

Radiator cleaning is very important, in simple terms, the car's cooling system is the key to ensure normal work, but for a long time, the engine and cooling system for sediment or rust to occur. Therefore, the maintenance of cooling system rust and sediment-free is to have your car's cooling system and the necessary conditions for normal operation of the engine.

Good news is, you don't have to replace the oil as frequently cleaning the heatsink and cleaned once every 2 years is enough. Combined with the application of brush, cleaning steps probably introduced.

First, you must prepared following tool: antifreeze liquid (4-8 rose); distilled water (4-8 rose) (water must is after distillation of); a drainage of disc or barrels a with nozzle of rubber hose; a Deputy work gloves (best is waterproof of); a soft of nylon hair brush; a poke SOAP water; protection glasses; can sealed of waste box (antifreeze liquid is has toxic of, must caution storage and processing); rag; a put pull clamp and screwdriver (can any selected).