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Tank radiator heat core common cause of damage

Dec 17, 2016

Tank radiator heat cores is a very important part, but it's also easy to wear and tear parts, we will share with you see cause for the damage, to facilitate timely precautions.

1, bad radiator radiator radiator for fixed and moving; water tank is not installed or fixed bolt, move the rubber gasket failure caused the tank; engine installed but move forward, so that the gap between the tank and fan blades too small.

2, tanks radiator fan blade fatigue fracture deformation, impact or scraping the tank radiator core tubes.

3 song open, pump shaft, pulley was not reliable clamping and axial movement of the shaft, pump shaft keyway milling width, half moon key badly worn, causing movement of runout.

4 running bumps, car, tank heat sink engine mount bracket bolts loose. Downhill on the car, slammed on the clutch, emergency braking, as well as by uneven road at high speed, could cause the engine before fleeing and blowing fan blades touching the radiator.

5, water tank, radiator fan blade fastening weak running loose, fans shake. Water pump pulley wheel loose open simultaneously shaking; cone of the taper bore of the pulley and the sleeve tie does not meet the requirements, low or improper selection of Machining accuracy, broken off flying out of the water tank.