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Analysis Of The Causes Of Excess Oil Temperature In Hydraulic System

Jan 26, 2018

Cooler Industry Knowledge: Analysis of the Causes of Excess Oil Temperature in Hydraulic System

We all know that cooler problems will cause  system oil temperature too high, in addition, what other reason will cause the hydraulic system oil temperature too high? There are design reasons, but also has usage reasons.

First, the hydraulic system unreasonable design lead to congenital deficiency

1, Fuel tank capacity is too small with not enough cooling area. But oil cooler is not set, or oil cooler does not match hydraulic system. All this is lack of heat.

2, Too small valve components specifications causes valve flow rate too high and increased pressure loss leads to fever.

3. Unloading circuit is not designed in the system. When the pump stops working, the oil pump does not unload, and the entire flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, resulting in overflow loss and heating, leading to temperature rise, unloading circuit but unloading.

4, Hydraulic system pressure is too high.

5, Too thin and too long system pipe; excessive bending, local pressure loss and too much pressure loss along the way, low system efficiency.

Second,usage leads to heat temperature rise:

1, Improper oil, quality and viscosity levels, or mixed different grades of hydraulic oil, lead to hydraulic oil viscosity index too low or too high.

2, Serious pollution, poor construction environment, mixed impurities and dirt in the oil, contaminated hydraulic oil into the pump, motor and valve gap, which will scratch and destroy the mating surface accuracy and roughness, increase friction and wear, also increase leakage, causing high oil temperature.

3, Too small hydraulic tank of fuel will cause hydraulic system not have enough flow take away the heat generated, leading to increased oil temperature.

4, The air mixed in hydraulic system, will escape from the oil and form bubbles in low pressure zone. When it moves to high pressure zone, these bubbles will be crushed by high pressure oil, rapid compression and release a lot of heat, causing the oil temperature to rise.

5, Filter plug results oil resistance and energy consumption increasing, causing high oil temperature.

6, Hydraulic oil cooling circulation system is not working well. Typically, water cooler or air cooler is used to forcibly cooler temperature. Cooler blockage and dirty channels will lead to its cooling efficiency decrease and higher oil temperature.

7, Serious wear and tear parts, gear pump gear and the pump and the side plate, piston pump and motor cylinder and valve plate, cylinder bore and plunger, valve stem and valve are all relying on Gap-sealed, the wear of these components will cause an increase in their internal leakage and rise oil temperature.

8, Too high ambient temperature and long time high load use will make the oil temperature too high.


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