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Auto Radiator Maintenance Details

Dec 17, 2016

Auto radiator of regular maintenance is very important, we can not ignore, please car radiator below the maintenance details.

Auto radiator heat conduction of heat transfer as the car interior parts, play an important role for the car, car radiator the main material for aluminum or copper, radiator core is the main component, is equipped with coolant, popular, car radiator is a heat exchanger.

Radiators and radiator acting as the car's radiator, the material, is metal corrosion, you should avoid contact with the acid and alkali corrosive solutions such, so as to avoid damage. Auto radiators, clogging is a common fault, blocking of relief, which should be injected into the soft water, hard water softening after injection you want to avoid water spots caused by radiator plug. In winter the weather is cold, radiator easily frozen and expanded frozen, so you should add antifreeze to avoid water freezing. In everyday use, we should feel free to check the water level, want to stop after cooling water. When water is added the car radiator, radiator CAP should be opened slowly, owners and other operators should as far as possible away from the body with water, so that high pressure high temperature gas outlet spray causing burns.