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Causes Of Poor Engine Radiator Cooling

Dec 17, 2016

Engine with radiator is an important part of the engine cooling system, is primarily used to emit heat generated during operation of the engine, so as to avoid engine overheating fault. If the engine radiator cooling phenomenon, mainly due to:

① the effect of heat sink. Radiator after too long, its internal fouling is thickened. Due to the heat transfer capacity of the scale, so the poor will be cooling.

② radiator vents blocked. Role of the engine due to the fan, dust will air through the radiator. When dust adhesion in flat tubes and fins of the heatsink when you not only reduces the radiator air flow section, and also because of dust and dirt causes poor poor thermal conductivity make it cooling.

③ fan belt slipping. Water cooling system the cooling intensity depends on the size of the fan speed, if the fan belt is too loose and skidded, resulting in decreased power transmission efficiency, which not only decrease fan speed, cooling intensity and pump speed is decreased, emissions reduction, the cooling water flow is slow, slow heat away, poor that is cooling.

④ cooling effect of strength of adjusting device. Shutters and the thermostat for the cooling strength of adjusting device, if the cooling intensity regulator failure or improper operation, will lead to engine overheating. Shutter located in front of the radiator is used to adjust the radiator air flow, its open ventilation, whereas small amount of ventilation opening hours. When the shutter when you are not playing, the flow of cooling air section smaller, which caused the engine temperature increases.