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Choose The Right Generator Radiator

Dec 17, 2016

Generator radiators is auto a plays a central role in the generator's cooling system parts, can realize the cooling processes of heat exchange with the outside air, and maintain the temperature of the cooling medium in the specified scope, so as to guarantee the generator parts in the normal operating temperature. How to properly type alternator radiator?

Alternator radiator size is too small, local overheating of generator under full load condition, caused by cooling water boiling. If the size is too large, especially when the Governor mounted jade without cooling, generator work in extreme cold, will reduce its economic and effective power. This is because heavy oil increases the friction loss, deterioration of fuel gasification. In addition, the excessive heat sink heat sink required for the production of non-ferrous metal waste of raw materials. So, choose the right car radiator generator heat dissipation requirements must be met in order to adapt to different driving conditions change.

In addition, we also need to take into account the heat dissipation area of selection. Generator radiators work the process is within the radiator water and outside air heat transfer process. Selection should be based on the calculated heat dissipation area to locate the radiator, and check its dimensions, such as thickness of the frontal area and height, suitability of the design of the engine. In General, the generator radiator height should be no more than a carburetor, the width must not exceed the frame width, but does not affect the joysticks installed and working.