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Copper Brass Type Radiator

Oct 30, 2017

Rather than the aluminium radiator,we also can produce the copper brass type radiator.The aluminium type radiator are maily for the Automobile,excavator,bulldozer and wheel loaders.For the radiator of Power genset and some oil-rig platform and some large mining equipments,the client also prefer to the copper brass type.

Core core.jpg

Compared to the aluminium type radiator,the copper type have the durability,anti corrosion and so on.For the copper brass radiator,the heat transfer performance also depend on the tube size and fin specification.I will introduce our material info with you below.


For the tube size,we have the 14*2.5mm and 12*2.5mm,for the fin,we have the straight type fin and serpentine fin.For the straight type fin,you can name the fin pitch you need.For the Serpentine fin,the fin height is 8mm.The Copper tube is the lockseam type,we produce the tube by ourself.If you need the seamless flat tube,we also can purchase from the supplier.

For the core thickenss,we can produce 3 rows to 8 rows type core,if any client want the more thicker type,we can put two cores together to meet their requirement.


Lots of the headers are the bolted header in our workshop,also can invest the cast copper brass header mould if your quantity is good.

Any friend need the copper brass radiator core or assembly,pls let me know directly.We can design and produce per your requirement.

Jack Wei