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Excavator Management System

Jan 11, 2018

In order to strengthen the management of mechanical equipment, give full play to the production capacity of machinery, increase labor productivity and increase the economic benefit of the company, the following provisions are formulated.

Excavator is economic investment of fixed assets. To achieve greater economic benefits for improving its service life, the fixed person, fixed machine, fixed position with clear responsibility should attached to the use of excavator.


(DH60-7 Doosan excavator water cooler radiator)

At the end of the work, the excavator should be removed from the low-lying area. Parking it on the ground ,with window and door locked.

The drive must have daily maintenance of the equipment, record the daily work of the equipment. If the excavator has problems, which can not be used with disease, the drive should report and make it repair in time.

Excavator operation work needs high sense of responsibility, which can ensure safety in production. Meanwhile, the operator should be able to communicate with the project owner smoothly about the project service. The good bilateral relationship is the foundation of the development and benefits of company.


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