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Excavators In China Are Expected To Enter The Field Of High-end

Dec 17, 2016

At present, the enterprise is through the acquisition of foreign brands address the technical obstacles. In April of this year, 31 heavy industry completed the Germany putzmeister acquisition, you can gradually solve technical problems.

However, how do you decide the future development of mining machinery in China, Kang Rong Xu Shengguang, President of asset management, has a different view. From the macro perspective, the rapid development of China's economy in recent years is closely related to investment, in 2010, the share of investment in GDP reached 54.8%, in 2011, the proportion is as high as 54.2%. However, this is not the norm, in the future when government investment GDP ratio gradually declined, if unable to replace the lost share of consumption and exports, China's economy will lose some momentum.

Chinese investment has a character, one is the "iron", namely railways, roads and airports, one real estate, these two areas are related to the mining machinery. Real estate consumption in big cities is currently restrained, excavating machine driver come mainly from urbanization. Xu Shengguang stressed that China's urbanization rate was only 35%, 15% gap above the international average, there are about.

However, Xu Shengguang believes that short-term investment value of mining machinery, but long term, is not optimistic. "In fact, putzmeister why would be 31 acquisitions and a bit like why would IBM PC business to Lenovo. Excavator term not a sunrise industry