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Feedback Focus On The Transport Of Radiators

Sep 27, 2017

As you all know, a large part of our market is overseas. The long-distance transportation of the goods will inevitably be damaged little or not, however, which does not affect normal use. Our product quality and express delivery quality are reliable.

The final step, before we give the goods to the express company, we pack the radiator in wooden case. In crate, the radiator is fixed by two triangular pieces of wood on the diagonal.

Taking the structure of the radiator and previous clients feedback into comprehensive consideration, the cooling fins little distortion will not make an impact on its well operation. The thickness of the channel for water or oil is strong, and we pass strict quality inspection and air tightness test before goods leave factory. Certainly, the standard of the packing will be improved to keep the cooler in the case obediently.(message from Leo)                       blob.png