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Fight Against COVID-19 With U

Apr 09, 2020

As the novel coronavirus epidemic spread throughout the world, the world seems to have stopped. The application scene of construction machinery seems to have pressed the pause button. Weiyou Machinery is committed to serving the aftermarket of construction machinery radiators. Together with you, we look forward to the victory of the fighting with epidemic worldwide and the world to return to normal order as soon as possible.

Since the outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic in Wuhan in early January, after more than three months of effort, the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has been effectively controlled in China. Here, we want to share some experiences with you about how we spent the hard time. Hope our regular customers and potential new customers are all well.

1. Try to stay at home, no matter if it is a stipulation of your government, this is the most effective way.

2. When you have to go out, please must wear mask and not touch anything in public and not touch your eyes with hands. When you come back home, please disinfect with 75% alcohol.

3. When find the affected people, our government will find all the people he have met and contacted before, ask them to stay at home, after 14 days, if no any symptom related to virus, that means safe.

4. If they are affected and not serious, they can use Chinese traditional medicine or medicine from the hospital, stay in isolation room to recover. If not serious, many can recover during this period.

5. Keep good mood and do more exercises to keep healthy and don’t go out often.

We bless for all of you and we are sure we will succeed soon together.

When the sun clears the dark clouds, we WELL-Radiator are still the most professional manufacturer of radiators and hydraulic oil coolers.

(Edited by Leo Liu)