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Heat Generator Radiator How Summer

Dec 17, 2016

Both North and South of the city the city in our country, are common in the summer heat. Now, summer is around the corner, in order to give users a better engine with radiator, as a professional of the generator radiator manufacturers still want to remind you: hot weather, note to the generator radiator "heatstroke" strengthened maintenance work.

When driving the car, suddenly white steam in the engine cover, or the temperature gauge needle quickly rose to high temperature "h" marking position, means that the engine temperature is too high. Usually because the generator radiator water shortage, caused by leaks or the fan is not running.

If the generator radiator leakage or loose fan belts, breakdown condition, you can rescue traction company phone call waiting for trailers. If necessary, or wait until the engine is completely cooled rear, car driving at low speed to service repair. Remember, not in normal driving speed, or are likely to give generators with radiator and engine device causing permanent damage.