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Hometown Of The Excavator In China

Dec 25, 2017

Guangfeng county of jiangxi province is praised as the hometown of excavators in China.

After the reform and opening up, in 1990, farmers in guangfeng county have seen the market potential of the excavator. Then several farmers ventured to buy an excavator to get the first bucket of gold. Then they took a pro-friendly, neighbor-friendly approach, raising money to buy machines and contracting out land projects. Among the excavators involved in the pudong development in Shanghai, the excavators of guangfeng farmers account for half of all the excavators, which known as the Iron Legion.


(E70B excavator radiator)

Today, farmers in the county have more than 20,000 excavators in small and medium sized, which distributed in the country land here and there and in southeast Asian countries. Driving a third of the county's farmers to get rich.


(E320C new type excavator radiator)

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Recently, the excavator association was founded in guangfeng county to build a local brand of chinese excavator to seek greater market benefit. (message from Leo)