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How To Clean The Excavator Water Radiator?

Nov 10, 2017

Today, we summarized several ways to clean the excavator water radiator, especially to clean the fins.

1. Flushing the radiator with a water gun is the easiest way. Even a water pipe can make it that can be easily found around the construction site. It is important to pay attention to fins that can not be flushed with excessive water pressure. Rinsing the fins vertically, otherwise water will knock down the fins and the heat dissipation will be affected.


2. Using an air pump to blow the radiator. Air is easier to pass through fins than water, more small impurities can be removed.


3. Spraying the cleanser evenly on the edge of the fins, then rinsing the foam off with water. It is cleaner than that just using water to wash the radiator.(message from Leo)