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How To Examine And Repair Hydraulic Oil Radiators

Oct 31, 2017

How to examine and repair hydraulic oil radiators ?

Hydraulic systems are being used increasingly. As part of the system, hydraulic oil cool plays an important role in radiating. Usually it is installed in heavy machinery which use hydraulic pressure as force medium, such as hydraulic piling machines, hook machines, graders and rollers. In the hydraulic system, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the various parts, the hydraulic oil through the radiator cooling or down to a certain temperature, and then back to the hydraulic system. Radiators need to be checked regularly. When it is working, generally do not remove it, maintenance personnel examine it directly.

1. Internal cleaning. According to the requirements of the use of radiators, clean the inside by using cleaning equipment and the appropriate cleaning detergent. Or, blowing compressed gas to the exit and the entrance, which will clean up the inner wall grease and accumulation, and then poured into a certain amount of hydraulic oil for cleaning.

2. Check whether the oil spill. Oil spill is a common problem and easy to find out. Check interfaces and tubes, if oil spills, it will leak. Examine whether fastener connection is loose, timely replace new parts, or seals ring and so on.

3. Radiator main part cracks. In the maintenance process, if the core is found crack. May be it is used for a long time or beyond the normal pressure. Maintenance personnel should disassemble and strictly check the cracks. If it is not big problem, the cracks can be welded and installed. If crack is serious, it is recommended to find professional cooler manufacturers to replace the new hydraulic oil radiator.

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