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Hydraulic Oil Cooler—agricultural Machinery Hydraulic System Maintenance

Jan 30, 2018

Hydraulic oil cooleragricultural machinery hydraulic system maintenance


Hydraulic oil cooler is widely used in the hydraulic system of agricultural machinery, playing an important role in safeguarding agricultural machinery normal operation. While, in addition to choosing a hydraulic oil cooler that matches the hydraulic system of agricultural machinery, it is also necessary to maintain the hydraulic system in order to extend the life of the machine. Today, let's talk about the conservation of agricultural machinery hydraulic system.

First, to prevent the mixing of solid impurities in the hydraulic system

1, when refueling. Hydraulic oil must be filtered before filling, refueling tools need to be kept clean.

2, when cleaning. Same type hydraulic oil with the system should be used. Between 45 and 80 degrees, oil carry away impurities from the system as much as possible.

3, when maintenance. When hydraulic tank fuel filler cap, filter cover, test hole, hydraulic tubing and other parts are disassembled, pay attention to avoid the dust when the system oil passage is exposed. The disassembled site should be thoroughly cleaned before opening.

Agricultural machinery hydraulic oil cooler

Second, to prevent water and air intrusion into the hydraulic system

1, to prevent water intrusion into the hydraulic system, the water will rust hydraulic components, oil emulsion deterioration, lubricating oil film to reduce the intensity and accelerate mechanical wear and tear.

2, to prevent air intrusion hydraulic system, the air will make the hydraulic oil oxidation, accelerate the deterioration of oil.

Third, choose right hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system plays the role of transmission pressure, lubrication, cooling, sealing, hydraulic oil inappropriate choice is the hydraulic system failure and durability of the early decline.

Therefore, the hydraulic oil should be selected according to the grade specified in the instruction manual. In special circumstances, when using alternative oil, it should be the same as that of the original grade.

Of course, in addition to the above, the hydraulic system also needs a suitable, efficient and durable hydraulic oil cooler.

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