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Hydraulic Oil Cooler Precautions

Jan 31, 2018

Hydraulic oil cooler precautions

When hydraulic oil cooler in use, some should pay attention to

1, in order to have good cool effect, the oil cooler should be set in the hydraulic system of the total return pipe or relief valve return pipe

2, pay attention that oil cooler working pressure and working temperature should not exceed the manufacturer's specifications, and should be avoided for a long time under the impact load to help extend the service life of hydraulic oil cooler

3, bypass cooling can avoid be influenced by main oil

4, when the impact of pressure in the circuit affects the cooler, cooler with high bearing pressure should be used, otherwise it is easily damaged

5, cooling water can not be seawater or corrosive ingredients liquid

6, when it is cold non-working time, remaining water and oil must be left to avoid cooler cracking

7, according to water quality, hydraulic oil cooler need to be inspected regularly and cleaned, usually once every 6 months

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                                                  --- Maggie ---