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Hydraulic Oil Radiator Maintenance And Repair Common Sense

Nov 14, 2017

Before using:

1. Put it on a dry and clean place;

2. In the process of handling, be careful and avoid fins and channels squeezed, affecting the cooling effect.

During using:

1. Hydraulic oilneed to be replaced irregularly. Hydraulic oil in hydraulic system will become plastic and carbonation. Especially after the internal channel is blocked, it is difficult to repair. So pay attention to the timely replacement of the deterioration of hydraulic oil.

2. The maintenance of the wind channel. For the maintenance of the outer channel, it is better to install a dust cover, especially in dusty places. Use better dust-proof fin - corrugated fin. Regularly clean the dust cover. If the cooling effect is reduced, high-pressure air can be used to blow the outer channel, clean up the surface adsorption dust.

3. Pay attention and keep the cooler surface clean and dry. For machinery and equipment operating in the open air, hydraulic oil radiator need to prevent from the sun and rain, good protective measures. Dry the radiator surface water in time. Because generally the material is  aluminum, easy to react with acid and alkali, corrosion of aluminum, reduce service life.

4. Remember to drain the water inside the core in winter. In winter, when the cooler is not in use, you must remember to release the water. Water will freeze and the pressure generated will be immeasurable, which may cause the radiator core burst.

5. The use of precautions in cold weather. First oil preheating, then turn on the fan power. Or preheat the cooler with warm water and cool the cooler. In short, use a suitable method to preheat the hydraulic oil radiator. If the power is turned on, large temperature difference will make the aluminum brittle, broken.

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                                                      ---- Maggie ----