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Knowledge Of ​Plate-fin Heat Exchanger

Dec 22, 2017
Plate-fin heat exchanger is a common industrial radiator, is widely used in various fields of industry, production technology continues to progress. Why is it widely used?

Late-fin heat exchange for its English name, by the partitions, fins and other components. Fins are: flat, serrated, corrugated, porous, louver-shaped and so on. Because it is a plate-fin structure, with the separator and the fins are very thin, high thermal conductivity, making it high heat transfer efficiency. In the same heat exchange area, heat exchange efficiency than other structures high. Compact structure, lightweight. Because of their manufacturing materials are generally aluminum, but also steel, copper and composite materials, aluminum plate fin heat exchanger lighter. Adaptable, suitable for: gas - gas, gas - liquid, liquid - liquid. Can also be adapted to local conditions, non-standard custom, series, parallel, series and parallel combination to meet the cooling needs.

Plate-fin heat exchangers on the manufacturing process demanding, in particular, requires vacuum brazing. Its compact structure, easy to plug, easy cleaning and maintenance, corrosion-resistant non-corrosion.

Currently in the air compressor, hydraulic station, engineering machinery and equipment, cars, is widely used in a variety of oil, water, gas heat exchanger.

There are a wide range of cooling products available in the market. Consumers should have some understanding of the board-fin cooler. And follow the manufacturer's product manual requirements.

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