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Komatsu New Radiator Developing

Nov 30, 2017

Thanks to client's sample,these days we developed the radiators for Komatsu Dump truck HD785-7 and HD465-7R.

For Komatsu HD785-7,there are four radiators for this machine.Two of the radiators are same.Our design are same to the original type,the all aluminium type,tube fin core structure.

For Komatsu HD465-7R,there are 3 radiators together for ths machine.These three radiators are same.Also the all aluminium type,OEM fit.

All of our radiators uses our heaviest duty design to ensure that it keeps performing under the most brutal working conditions

And of course,my client will have a good price for their sample supply.So if you need the construction machinery radiators which were not inside our product lists,we can also develop the radiators per your sample or drawing,sure you will have the best price.

Radiators for Komatsu HD785-7


Radiator for HD465-7R


Jack Wei