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Let The Hydraulic Oil Calm Down

Nov 17, 2017

The hydraulic oil overheating is the common fault, but sometimes because of the hydraulic oil overheating has no obvious symptoms, so it is often overlooked. There are some points about what potential badness will be caused and solution.

1. When the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, the precision components in the hydraulic system will be deformed. Moreover, it will accelerate the deterioration of the oil, reducing its service life.

2. Always check the oil level height, replenishing the oil in time to ensure the circulation is normal.


3. Ensuring the cooling system is running normally, especially for the hydraulic oil cooler. Keeping the fins clear and unblocked by the mixture of oil and dust.


4. It is necessary to avoid continuous operation in high temperature environment. 

Hydraulic system is the most important core system of excavators, including the hydraulic oil cooler, and the problems of hydraulic system will directly affect the operation performance of excavators. Attention, please. (message from Leo)