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Oil Temperature Too High Because Of Damaged Hydraulic Oil Radiator ?

Oct 14, 2017

Recently one of our client reflected, he purchased a hydraulic oil cooler from our company. It works well at beginning, but gets weak gradually. Whether there is any problem of the radiator ?

After our technician talked with him carefully, we get know the reason. The hydraulic oil cooler is installed on mining equipment where the environmental is very bad with too much dust, that brings thick dust covering the radiator, so it reduced the working efficiency.

Besides this, other reasons maybe lead hydraulic oil radiator stop working, and makes the oil high temperature.

1. Blocked inner passage in radiator

2. Too much dust on radiator, which cause slow cooling

3. Weak radiator fan wind

4. Improper install, oil do not flow through

5. It is too hot, long time working under burning sun

When you have any doubt, just contact WELL-RADIATOR company, we will give you more consult and technical support.