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Plate-fin Oil Cooler, Whether The Greater Oil Flow, The Better Cooling Effect ?

Jan 30, 2018

For plate-fin oil cooler, whether the greater oil flow, the better cooling effect ? Recently, some customers ask us such question, and for this we immediately consulted with our technician.


Plate fin oil cooler oil flow is decided by the thickness of the fin spacing and so on, but it does not mean the greater oil brings better cooling, but also need to see the fin material and production processes.

Fin production process determines the cooling capacity of the radiator. Because the thickness of the plate has a great influence on the resistance of the fluid, the uneven thickness of the fin largely leads to the bias current of the fluid, resulting in a greatly reduced heat dissipation effect. So the fin production process management must be strictly controlled, as far as possible, same radiator uses the same batch of raw materials processing, so as to ensure that processed out of the same thickness of the pass, thus reducing partial flow of small fluids, effectively improve the cooling effect of radiators

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