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Processing Technology Of Radiator

Dec 17, 2016

Processing of heat sink technology related to the performance of the products, then the processing technology of the radiator is to what?

, Aluminum extrusion

Aluminium extrusion technology in simple terms is the aluminum ingot heating to about 520~540℃, under high pressure, let aluminum melt flow through the extrusion mould with grooves, heat sink in early embryos, then heat sink in early embryos of cropping, cutting as well as processed into what we see of the heatsink. Aluminium extrusion technology easier to implement, and relatively low cost, making it at the low end of previous years has been widely used in the market. Aluminum extrusion materials commonly AA6063, its good thermal conductivity (approximately 160~180 W/m.K) and processing.

Second, aluminum die casting technology

Except Aluminum extrusion technology outside, another often was used to manufacturing thermal tablets of business drive way for aluminum die-cast, through will aluminum ingots melt solutions into liquid Hou, fill into metal model within, using die-cast machine directly pressure cast type, made thermal tablets, used pressure note method can will fin tablets made variety stereo shape, thermal tablets can according to needs made complex shape, also tie fan and the air direction made has diversion effect of thermal tablets, and can made thin and key of fin tablets to increased thermal area, for process simple and was widely used. Common die-cast aluminium ADC12, due to the good die-cast, apply thin casting.