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Radiator Cooling

Dec 17, 2016

Heat dissipation is the main way the radiator heat. In thermodynamics, heat is the heat transfer, and has three main types of heat transfer: heat conduction, convection and radiation. Next, please see the following details:

Material itself or when material into contact with a substance, the energy is called heat transfer, which is one of the most popular mode of heat transfer. For example, CPU heatsink base belongs to so remove heat from direct contact with the CPU heat transfer. Tropical convection refers to the flow of fluid and heat transfer, computer case cooling system cooling fan driven gas flow is more common in "forced convection" cooling. Thermal radiation is dependent on radiation transfer heat, daily solar radiation is the most common. Three cooling are not isolated, in daily heat transfer, three cooling occur simultaneously, and work together.

In fact, any type of radiator will basically use all three heat transfer modes, but with a different emphasis. Like General of CPU thermal device, CPU thermal tablets and CPU surface directly contact, CPU surface of heat through hot conduction passed to CPU thermal tablets; thermal fan produced air through hot convection will CPU thermal tablets surface of heat away; and chassis within air of flow is through hot convection will CPU thermal tablets around air of heat away, until chassis outside; while all temperature high of part will on around temperature low of part occurred hot radiation.