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Radiator,intercooler And Hydraulic Oil Cooler Cleaning Equipment

Jan 29, 2018

We export lots of the radiator,hydraulic oil cooler and intercooler worldwide,but when the heat exchangers work long term,there will be some dirty inside it.It will affect the flow rate of liquid of air inside.Sometimes it will be blocked or create the overheat.

Some of the clients usually asked me how to clear the radiator inside,I only can say that put some detergent inside,when feel there is nearlly no dirty,let the detergent out.There is no stardard process before.Only can feel and try several times to know whether it is clean enough of the radiators.

Per clients' requirement,engineer researched long term,now we developed the radiator cleaning equipment,it is easy and efficent for the radiator cleaning,only need to put the detergent inside the equipment,connect the inlet and outlet of the heat exchanger,press the button to start the equipment.Then it will clean the radiator automatically.