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Radiator Processing Detail

Dec 17, 2016

Radiator in the machining process to pay attention to details, so that we need to pay attention to what? Is as follows:

1, the cooling equipment should conform to the GB912-82 General carbon structural steel and low-alloy structural steel plate technology provisions of the conditions, thickness of 1.5mm-2.0mm.

2, between the heat sink and heat sink nut available welding method of connection. Welding shall comply with QJ173-75 of the basic product and the provisions of the General specification for brazing.

(1) the spot welds should be uniform, adjacent solder from the 30-40mm, spot shall not burn and lack of penetration and other defects.

(2) weld should be straight and uniform, neat, attractive, without cracks, defects such as porosity, lack of penetration and burn-through.

3, no distortion and scratches, dents depth cannot be greater than 0.3mm. Surface must not have trachoma, corresponding surface uneven, inconsistent side, cracking and Center distance and so on.