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Some Knowledge Quiz For Aluminum Plate Fin Radiator

Nov 27, 2017

Some knowledge quiz for Aluminum plate fin radiator

1. Q: What is the aluminum plate fin radiator?

A: Aluminum plate fin radiator is a novel heat ex-changer with aluminum alloy corrugated fin as heat transfer element. Usually it consists of partitions, fins, seals and guide pieces. Corrugated or other shaped fins are sandwiched between the two parallel thin metal sheets, sealed with side strips on both sides to form a heat exchange unit body. The unit bodies are then stacked and brazed to form a coiled, counter-current and cross-flow plate bundle. Then with the necessary head, take over, support, etc. formed a plate-fin heat ex-changer.

2. Q: What are the characteristics of aluminum plate fin radiator ?

A: Aluminum plate fin radiator: high-efficiency heat transfer, compact structure, adaptability, light weight, good economy, and can be designed to multi-strand fluid while heat transfer and so on.

3. Q: What aluminum plate fin radiator application to?

A: Currently used in the construction machinery, general machinery, diesel locomotives and other departments. The plate fin radiator is widely used in various oil, water, gas cooler. Suitable for gas - gas, gas - liquid heat exchange occasions.

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