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The Dangers Of Excessive Oil Temperature In Oil Cooler Hydraulic System

Dec 29, 2017

The dangers of excessive oil temperature in oil cooler hydraulic system

Oil cooler is an important cooling device in hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic equipment use oil as a working medium to transfer and convert energy. Mechanical energy loss during operation, pressure loss and volume loss will inevitably be converted into heat release. By setting the oil cooler cooling, so that the temperature no longer increases, to achieve thermal equilibrium in a certain temperature range .

If the oil temperature is too high, it will produce the following faults and adverse effects:

1, the oil temperature increases, will reduce the viscosity of oil, sliding valve and other mobile parts of the film will be thinned and cut, the frictional resistance increases, leading to increased wear and tear, the efficiency of the entire system will be significantly reduced.

2, the oil temperature is too high, so that the mechanical heat distortion, even if the hydraulic components in the thermal expansion coefficient of different moving parts smaller and stuck, causing movement failure, but also affect the accuracy of hydraulic equipment, resulting in parts processing quality change difference.

3, the oil temperature is too high, will make the rubber seal deformation, accelerated aging failure, reduce service life, loss of sealing performance, resulting in leakage, leakage will further heat generated temperature rise.

4, the oil temperature is too high, will accelerate the oxidation of oil deterioration, and precipitation of asphalt material, reducing the service life of hydraulic oil. Precipitates clogged orifice and slit valve port, resulting in failure of the pressure regulator valve pressure, flow valve flow instability, directional valve stuck, commutation, metal elongation bent, and even rupture and many other failures.

5, the oil temperature increases, the air separation pressure of oil decreases, the oil dissolved air escape, resulting in cavitation, resulting in reduced hydraulic system performance.

Therefore, the choice of quality and efficient oil cooler is crucial.

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