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The Source Of Heat In Construction Machinery Hydraulic Oil Radiator Hydraulic System

Dec 29, 2017

The source of heat in construction machinery hydraulic oil radiator hydraulic system

Engineering machinery hydraulic oil radiator hydraulic system is an important cooling system for construction machinery to protect the normal work escort.

Construction machinery hydraulic system oil temperature is generally controlled at 30 to 60 degrees, the maximum does not exceed 60 to 70 degrees, the highest efficiency at this temperature. But due to oil heating, the hydraulic system often have poor performance, or even fail to work.

The main sources of heat generated in the hydraulic system are:

First, the system itself

1. Too small fuel tank, not enough cooling area, uninstalled hydraulic oil cooler cooling engineering machinery, or small capacity cooling device.

2. Press the fast forward speed to select the pump capacity of the quantitative pump oil supply system, at work there will be most of the excess flow at high pressure overflow from the overflow valve and fever.

3. The system unloading circuit fault can not be unloaded or unloading time is short, stop working when the pump can not be unloaded, the hydraulic pump output power increases, the pump all the flow under high pressure overflow, resulting in overflow loss and fever, resulting in temperature Rise.

4. Hydraulic pipes, fittings, oil filters and various components of the pressure drop, such as the system too thin pipe too much, bending too much local pressure loss and pressure loss along the way.

5. Component or design flow is small, or accuracy is not enough and assembly quality is poor, or long time high pressure unloading, throttling jams, the relative movement between the mechanical friction loss.

6. With the pieces of the gap is too small, or wear caused by the gap is too large, internal and external leakage, resulting in large volume loss, such as the volume of the pump to reduce efficiency, faster temperature rise.

7. The hydraulic system working pressure adjusted much higher than the actual need, the pressure regulator valve pressure is high or faulty, sometimes because of the tight seal, or seal damage, increased leakage and have to increase the pressure to work, will Cause the oil temperature to rise.

Second, the system external reasons

1. Climate and operating environment, high temperature or another heat source, poor cooling or poor cooling, resulting in heat absorption and heat is greater than the heat, the oil temperature is bound to rise.

2. The choice of oil viscosity improper viscosity of large viscosity resistance, the viscosity is too small to increase leakage; or the oil has been contaminated, can cause heat temperature rise.

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