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Treatment Of Generator Radiator Leaks

Dec 17, 2016

Generator radiators in the engine cooling system is used to lower the temperature of the cooling water, ensure that the generator in normal temperatures, mainly made of brass tube-radiator core, sink, air cover and support components. Water leakage is the generator radiator using the main symptom, what about how do we deal with this issue?

One. Alternator radiator leak causes

Fan blades broken or leaning in the running, causing the heatsink to be wounded; generators using radiator is not fixed, the generator in operation will be the radiator connector parts, shattered; the operator due to the winter did not drain cooling water or put the net, causing the radiator pipe Frost crack; cooling water contains impurities and excess salt, which constitutes a pipe wall corroded and broken, and so on.

II. Examination of the generator radiator leak

When the generator radiator leaking, and external cleaning of the radiator should be clean, leak check. Checks, in addition to a water inlet or outlet mouth, all remaining jam, heat sink into the water, then air pump or gas cylinder from the inlet or the outlet into the compressed air, if there are air bubbles emerge, then it has cracks or breakage.