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What Are The Oil Cooler Requires For Water ?

Nov 07, 2017

What are the oil cooler requires for water ?

How much you know about oil cooler repair and maintenance ?

Oil radiator has stringent of the fluid, water is the common medium. In the operation of the equipment, inspection and testing should be strengthened to ensure water quality, configure the protective cover to prevent impurities, etc., to extend the service life of cooling equipment.

One of the causes of its internal structure and structure is the dissociation of ions in the form of ions or molecules in water and the presence of chemicals such as calcium carbonate in tap water. With the flow of these substances, as time passes, it will be adsorbed inside the cooler, affecting the cooling effect.

From the chemical formula of water H2O, it is with high oxygen content, which is one of the reason of oil cooler corrosion, and leads to faster oxidation rate. When a small part or a certain point is corroded, it will soon spread and it is very easy to wear. It is a common localized corrosion.

The density of water increases, with the presence of colloidal impurities. There are impurities in jelly, microorganisms and so on. Regular replacement of water, strict control of water quality, oil cooler maintenance and care, managers and users need much attention, and strengthen the detection of water quality.

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