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Which Material Is Best In Radiator? Copper, Steel Or Aluminum?

Sep 27, 2017

Which material is best in radiator ? Copper, steel or aluminum?

Now Steel, Aluminum and copper mainly used in Industrial radiator. We cannot say which one is best, but it is decided by current situation and cooling medium.

Copper material, high corrosion resistance, will be used for cooling sea in some district. Aluminum, better cooling characteristic, light weight and better cooling ability, mainly used for cooling water, and it is by specially treated, because of easy chemical reaction. Steel material, high bearing and hardness, mainly for high-pressure situation.

Tube heat ex-changer will use copper or steel, for quick cooling and longer cleaning period. While aluminum radiator is always used for water cooling radiator and air cooler. It is compact instructed and strong, generally no need cleaning and hard to clean. Different material, different structure, and price is quite different.

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